Review! SNAIL Pure Natural Mask Sheet {The Saem}

Whooooottt. first post in 2017! Hi everyone! I'm back again after such a long hiatus c: Somehow I realized a lot of people are looking for a review of this one product, and so I decided to make a review on it! It's SNAIL Pure Natural Mask Sheet by The Saem. This mask sheet is for … Continue reading Review! SNAIL Pure Natural Mask Sheet {The Saem}


Review! Bulgarian Rose 100 {SkinGarden}

Hello again everyone c: I'm so happy that I eventually got a break from all those uni stuffs, 6 months one!! But to be honest I'm getting bored now that I don't really have anything to do beside being lazy at home and sleep all day. Sometimes I have the urge to do my hobbies … Continue reading Review! Bulgarian Rose 100 {SkinGarden}