Review! Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask {Innisfree}

Hello everyone c:

This is my first post ever in 2016. I know it’s a bit late because it’s already October :c

I thought I will have more time to manage this blog after I moved to Melbourne, but guess I was wrong. This might be one of the worst time of my life with all the assignments and troubles I’ve been through since the beginning of the year.


I’m now having a 6 months break before my next semester in late February 2017. WOOOT. I remember I’ve been leaving this blog for so long and I feel pretty guilty about it. But don’t worry I’m reviewing another product now! and I might write a lot of posts from now on since I have ALOT more free time. c:

So this is it! First product of the year! //lol//


  1. After cleansing, apply skin toner to refine skin texture
  2. Gently smooth over entire face, avoiding eye and lip area
  3. After 10 minutes, gently roll with fingertips to rinse off with lukewarm water

I usually use it for 15 minutes because I keep remembering the direction as 10-15 minutes and not 10. lol c:


I’ve actually come to my second jar of this product. I’ve been using it since loooooong time ago! As usual: wash my face, apply toner, and then proceed with the product. When it is new, it’s really easy to get the clay and smooth over the face because the texture of the clay is still liquid, but when time goes on the texture is getting harder. But not that it gives any problem c: //except when it’s been more than the recommended use time (9 months for this),  it will become quite solid.//

When I applied it, it just felt really muddy on my face, but it became drier and eventually dried up on the face. And I realized I can see theres holes on where my pores are, and made it seem like the clay just got absorbed by the pores. //lol

I personally think it’s kinda hard to wash off. It’s not like normal mask with liquid essence that evaporates or stay on your skin, rather it’s a dried up clay. So, it actually need more time to be washed, and it felt pretty slimy (though not slimy) when I wash my face.

BUT! This thing works magic!!

I can immediately felt that my skin is smooth, no more intense blackheads, remove sebum, invisible pores! It also help conditioned my skin so well. It doesn’t make my face dry but not make it oily as well and it just balance everything so well and returned my face to its good state! If the facial skin is dull, it can slowly regenerate my skin and make it healthy again.



  • Balance skin condition
  • Remove light blackheads
  • Remove sebum/oil
  • Save time (only 10 mins!!)
  • Smooth skin
  • Even the skin tone
  • Reachable price

I’m not sure if it can actually remove some blackheads as well, but I think the blackheads don’t seem as visible anymore even if they might still be there and need to be treated separately. This is why I wrote “remove light blackheads”, because I think it does remove some light ones.


To be honest there is no cons for me. It doesn’t matter for me that it is harder to wash than other product and dries up when it’s getting old, because that’s how clay is.


overall I’m super in love with this product.

 and it’s a 5/5 for me.

It’s always been my emergency mask. For when I have an important day the next day, or when I need a good skin immediately for some event, with only a short amount of time spend to use this product, I can’t deny that this product is the best I’ve ever been using so far. I’m a quite busy person and a product that can save time and works wonder at the same time like this really amused me.

Super recommend this product to anyone! I believe that this product is suitable to any type of skin. c:

Thank you for reading my review! Hope that all of you have a chance to try this beautiful product c: please ask anything if you need to in the comment section or email!

til next time, x


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