Mask Review! The Saem Global Eco Mask Sheet (Red G-Dragon Mask!) {The Saem}

Hi people, how are you? :3

I’m so excited to start this new year, because I’ll be studying overseas soon and I know I’ll start a new adventure!

Anyway, the mask I’ll be reviewing now is a special one. It is the The Saem Global Eco Mask Sheet. and why is this mask is a special one?





Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what this mask actually for. I know it consists of Bulgarian Complex, including Bulgarian Rose, Camomile, and Calendula Extract. And after I researched for some informations, I think this mask is to soothe and refresh the skin. However, I also have a mask that use Bulgarian Complex extract for the essence, and I think Bulgarian Complex can brighten the skin. :3

Here is the mask!

// yash gd :’3 //

DIRECTION (as stated):

  1. After cleansing, prepare skin with toner.
  2. Open the pouch, pull out the mask, and place on the face, using the eye and nose area to align correctly.
  3. Remove the sheet after 20 – 25 minutes and gently pat leftover essence for full absorption.


To be honest, I bought this mask for the sake of the packaging because it has GD on it :’3 I bought a lot of this GD mask when I went to Japan because there was a good offer for this product. I also thought that if I buy more, I won’t hesitate to use it, because I got so many right?

Then I tried this mask and it turned out that the mask works wonder!

For me, I think the essence of the mask is just right. So, it is not too much that it drips, and still enough for it to be used effectively. And I think the shape of the mask sheet is okay, just normal.

After I used the mask, my face directly looked whiter than usual. Or my skin actually looked like it glows. #wowokay. And the effect lasts for days! My skin also looked fresher after using this mask :3

Basically my skin looked satisfying after I used this mask!

so, yeay!



  • Brightening (which may also whiten the skin, because whitening and brightening does not seem that different)
  • Skin looks fresh
  • Smooth skin, which also makes the pore look tighter


  • May be hard to look for
  • May be limited. I don’t know if this mask still produced by The Saem or not. // But probably the same mask comes in different packaging!


Overall, I rate this mask for 4.9/5!

-0.1 for being hard to get #okay

I really like how this mask really have a good effect on my facial skin, and the effect actually lasts. This has become my favorite mask now! :3 I never thought the mask will work this good, but then it surprised me.

thank you for reading this review. I hope this may help you!

until next time, x





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