Review! Skin [Mal:Gem] Fresh (Oil Control Toner) {Etude House}

Hi lovely humans, how’s your day so far?

It has been a while with product review because in busy days I usually can only post a simple mask review. But today I come back bringing a cool review about an Etude House toner called Skin [Mal:gəm] Fresh! This is an oil control toner in which means is dedicated for people with oily facial skin :3

Here is the thing!





IMG_4193 IMG_4194

//The bottle color is transparent dove and the bottle is squishable.//



  1. Dispense solution onto toner pad (which I assume is cotton pad)
  2. Wipe all areas of of face and neck

It says wipe, but I think it is much better to just pat the cotton pad on your skin. Do not WIPE. I heard that it won’t be effective if you wipe it on your face, so pat it on! :3


(same as the Skin [Mal:Gem] series: smoother)

  • You can use two types (series) of Skin Mal:Gem at once!:
    1. The first one: Fresh / Smoother
    2. The second one: Moist / Deep Moist / Essential
  • You can use this toner as a partial mask for 30 seconds. It says that you have to use the special patch that is offered by Etude House as well. Basically just pour an enough amount of the toner liquid into the patch and put it below the eye. (and also on forehead like how the CF showed me.)
  • You can use this Skin Mal:Gem for facial mask too :3 Pour 15 ml to a dry mask sheet (that look like a mask pill(?)), let it unfurl and put it onto your face! :3 The product recommend to use the dry mask sheet from Etude House as well. but I usually use dry mask sheet that isn’t from Etude… :’3 If you buy the one from Etude House, they have a medium like a small section to pour the liquid into the dry mask sheet.
  • You can also use this toner as a MIST! with a spray bottle :3 I think Etude offers the special bottle for this Mal:Gem series too..


As always, I cleansed my face thoroughly first.

Then I directly thought of comparing this toner with the Smoother series. So firstly I try to smell the scent of the toner, and it surprise me that actually the scent is just the same like the Smoother series. I don’t know if I should be happy or not at this rate because I really like the scent of the Smoother series, but I expect something different from this one :’3

I pour some of the toner onto my cotton pad and patted the cotton pad on my facial areas including neck.

Months passed, but to be honest I didn’t really put special attention to the use of this toner. However! I think this toner really control my oily type of skin. Because when I patted my face with this toner my skin felt cool and fresh, it was not sticky at all. And in my opinion my face got oily slower than usual after constantly using this toner. The toner solution is absorbed quickly by my skin and there is no uncomfortable feeling at all!

p.s. Note than this toner controls oil and not vanishing it entirely and make your skin not oily anymore during your daily activities. I think it is not good for a product to make your oily skin face not oily anymore, isn’t it scary to use a toner that can directly put away all the oil on your face all day long?



  • Fresh skin firectly after use
  • effective bottle (squishable)
  • Control oils


  • Nothing in particular

probably some feel that the price is a bit expensive. But i have no comment on price because price is relative for everyone.


Overall I rate this product for 4.5/5 !! I love this toner and how it smells so nice, but I somehow like the Smoother series because I don’t have a concerning amount of oil on my face for me. Maybe some people with a really oily skin will love this product!

Until next time! x.


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