Mask Review! Nature Garden: Peach Smoothing Mask {Beyond}

Hi peopleee, finally I’m back here once again! :3 There are so many interesting things that I really need to review but unfortunately I don’t have that much time to post everything accordingly 😦 #sad.


Today I’m reviewing a new series of facial mask that I haven’t been trying for a while before!


This Korean facial mask product is named Peach Smoothing Mask (복숭아 매끈 마스크) for the mask series Nature Garden by BEYOND. It contains peach essence that is rich in organic and amino acids, which will promote blood circulation in the face and smoothen the skin! (:

“Natural essence of Mother Nature promise healthy and younger-looking skin.”

And yes I think Beyond is all about Eco-beauty that cares about the world’s ecology. They said they uses natural resources in their products and so far I do not have any trouble regarding this issue with Beyond.

Here is how the packaging looks like:


//Peach pink color :3//


  1. Cleanse face
  2. Apply facial mask to face
  3. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove mask and massage face to let remaining solution to be absorbed by the skin

What did i do?

I did nothing special actually.

I just cleansed my face as usual and apply this facial mask onto my face. The texture of the mask is not bad, however, for me the mask size is ok for my face and it seems to comfortably fit my face. Sometimes the solution is also too much that it drips trough my neck. I did not expect too much at first though.

After I remove the mask, my facial skin felt sticky and I did not like it at first. But as time went on, the sticky solution on my face gone and my skin feel smooth! :3



  • Smoothen your skin as promised
  • good packaging design :3
  • Average price


  • Somehow not that effective and surprising


Well, I can’t say that this mask is not worth it or whatever. But I do think this mask helps even though it doesn’t really amaze me with the result. 

Overall I rate this mask for 3.5/5! (:

Sorry Beyond, it is not that your mask is bad but it is just this mask is not on my favorite list somehow… :’3

Thank you for reading this review! Hope I can post at least once per week from now on even though my life is getting busier :’)

All the best! x.


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