Mask Review! My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask

Helloooooo people :3 it’s been a while since I last post an entry. Well I just finished my final exams and now I’m super freeeeee woooooooot. I don’t think I can do another product review for now because even though I’ve tried so many products lately, I’m still not sure how to conclude my experience regardign those products. So, for now I’m just going to do a mask review! :3 letsgooooo


This is 100% one of my favorite mask of all time! :’3 The mask is from My Beauty Diary, a brand from Taiwan if I’m not mistaken :/ I’ve heard so many people said that this brand is excellent. My Beauty Diary offered variety of masks and the one I’ll be reviewing is Black Pearl Mask. This mask is for optimal whitening, brightening and moisturizing. (wow okay) So many ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and black pearl are used to whiten the skin and variety of ingredients like deep-sea Red Algae and Sugar Maple complex are also used to moisturize your skin :3

The product recommend this product for normal skin type, especially for those skin that lack fairness, radiance and resilience.

Here is how it looks like!

IMG_2066 IMG_2069



  1. Cleanse face and use toner
  2. Apply facial mask onto face
  3. Wait for 20-30 minutes
  4. Put off mask and pat skin gently to let remaining essence get absorbed by skin


I actually have used this product for several times but I don’t think I pay enough attention of the result given by this mask. So at last I decided to use it along with assessing the overall quality of product. AND I WAS AMAZED :’3

This mask was folded nicely inside the pack and it’s what make the packaging so compact and neat. The cutting of the facial mask is also perfect (for me) and I really love it! the liquid isn’t too much but just enough to spread it over my eyelids and neck too.

AND THE RESULT IS EXCELLENT! After I finished, I put away the mask sheet and I looked my face in the mirror and I swear it’s glowing. I mean yes it glows perhaps because my face was still wet. But even after my facial skin was dry (no more essence remaining), the glow is still there. My skin looks literally flawless and my face became whiter and brighter. The skin also became smooth, however, I don’t know if the mask moisturize my skin. (Because my skin is moist enough already. Or probably the smooth feeling comes from the moisture it gives?)

REALLY I’M NOT KIDDING NOR AM I EXAGGERATING THIS TOO MUCH. But for me the mask is perfect and it gave me what i promised. MY SKIN GLOWED SO MUCH.

But of course you can’t expect the skin to glow forever, you still have to take care of your skin :3 This is a package of facial mask not magic.



  • cute and compact packaging! :3
  • good cutting of mask sheet
  • good amount of liquid

omg im such a fan of this mask hahahaha


no cons really I love this magical mask.


I RATE THIS MASK FOR 5/5!! I want to give it 10/5 though but 5 is the highest score :’3

sooooooo in love with this mask and I really mean it. try it and you’ll know how I felt.

note: everyone has different type of skin and if this mask worked magic for me doesn’t mean it will 100% work the same effect to you. But probably I can just guarantee this you that this mask will make you happy :3 super happy!

Thanks for reading my review and please look forward for my upcoming entries! #followme :3 bye!



2 thoughts on “Mask Review! My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask

  1. Yan Balczewski says:

    My Beauty Diary is also my favorite, I bought a lot of them last year while I was at Taipei. Every time after I put the mask on my face, I also do headstand for around 20 minutes (I am also a Ashtanga yoga practitioner). I believe in inversion, the mask not only do whitening but also do lifting. 🙂


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