Review! Skin [Mal:Gem] Smoother (Exfoliation Toner) {Etude House}

Hi people :3 How was your week? Today I’m going to do a product review for Toner!


맑음 [mal:gəm] — the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.

This toner is an exfoliation toner that will make your skin clean, clear and has a pure look. It can also clean the pores on your face and moisturize it! Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toner! This product name is Skin [mal:gəm] Smoother from Etude House. Here is how it looks like:


//The box is kind of soft and twinkling! :3 and the pink color is cute~//


//The bottle is like a thick plastic bottle and the color is matte (transcluent). The toner itself smells like flower and it’s really good!//

note: the bottle can be squished to get the toner out easier :3

Direction (as stated on the box):

  1. Dispense toner onto toner pad
  2. Use pad to wipe all areas of face and neck.

Toner pad: cotton pad; I recommend to pat rather than wipe the toner on the face.



  • You can use two types of Skin Mal:Gem at once!:
    1. The first one: Fresh / Smoother
    2. The second one: Moist / Deep Moist / Essential
  • You can use this toner as a partial mask for 30 seconds. It says that you have to use the special patch that is offered by Etude House as well. Basically just pour an enough amount of the toner liquid into the patch and put it below the eye. (and also on forehead like how the CF showed me.)
  • You can use this Skin Mal:Gem for facial mask too :3 Pour 15 ml to a dry mask sheet (that look like a mask pill(?)), let it unfurl and put it onto your face! :3 The product recommend to use the dry mask sheet from Etude House as well. but I usually use dry mask sheet that isn’t from Etude… :’3 If you buy the one from Etude House, they have a medium like a small section to pour the liquid into the dry mask sheet.
  • You can also use this toner as a MIST! with a spray bottle :3 I think Etude offers the special bottle for this Mal:Gem series too..

What did i do?

I cleansed my face that day and directly open this toner box! (My former toner is finished already). Honestly, the box is really cute and it has a compact feeling. Also the bottle is really cute and well made. The bottle is more to the oval shape tube than to just a round tube shape. Also, the pink color is really good to see~

I put the toner liquid onto a cotton pad and started patting the pad on my face. THE SMELL IS REALLY GOOOOD. It has a flowery smell and I personally like it because the smell is soft rather than strong. I tried to pat just half of my face first to see if there is any change in just a very short time. Yes there is! I don’t know if this is only something that I felt. But I saw that the half area of my face with the toner is actually look clearer and brighter even if just a bit. The toner made my face moist after applying it but not excessively, and therefore doesn’t make my skin super sticky. Well there’s a sticky feeling too though because the toner moisturize the skin. In addition, after pat the pad onto my facial skin, the pad has some dust on it (not rough dust though). So the toner actually clean off the dirts on my skin (which I assume are from pores.)

After days of using the toner, I think my face is a bit clearer and brighter. But i don’t know about the moisture because my skin type is oily and I can’t really distinguish if there is any change regarding the moisture. But I do think my skin is softer! Also, not dry :3

pros and cons


  • Clear and clean skin
  • Good smell
  • Clean the pores
  • Easy to get the toner out of the bottle by squeezing the flexible bottle.
  • Cute packaging!!!!
  • Moisturize the skin just enough.
  • Smooth skin~


  • So far I have not encounter any bad side (if any) from this product.


Overall, I rate this product 5/5! SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. especially the smell.

The result of the clean and clear feeling don’t just appear suddenly though, I hope the my skin is getting better and better each day after using this toner.

note: maybe for very dry skin, this toner is can’t give enough moisture. If you want a toner that really moisturize your skin there is also a mal:gem series that focus on moisturizing your skin: Skin [mal:gəm] Moist. However, I really recommend this product for normal to oily skin! :3

If there is something about how the toner REALLY REALLY do as it promises, I will do an update. Also if there is any negative side I wil update this post as well. If there is nothing happen and this product still made my day everyday, no update :3

Thankyou for reading my review and I hope this review  is useful for you! However, note that I can’t 100% guarantee the result. Different people have different skin.



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