Review! Moistfull Aloe First Essence {Etude House}

Hello :3

soooooo. what is it?

Today I’m going to make a review on Etude House essence named Moisttfull Aloe First Essence. This is a first essence that you have to use after cleansing your face and before using toner. This product contains ingredient from Baobab tree and also organic aloevera (the product is said to maintain 86.9% organic aloe) to give a tighten and liften the skin. In addition this essence will also help with soothing and hydrating your skin :3 This product doesn’t contain paraben and talc! which is good c:

lol im just stating the info on the back of the product box

So here is the product:

IMG_1743IMG_1745 //I like the sweet soft tosca colour!// i don’t know what the bottle made of but it’s like a matte glass. and it’s heavy :’)


Super hard to get the essence out of this tube ):


crystal clear (a bit sticky) essence :3 and the approiximate amount i use

Direction (as written in the box):

  1. Apply essence to all areas of the neck and face

note: for essence, use it after cleansing and before toner


When I use this essence it felt really cool. Usually I massage my face when I use essence and finish it off with toner. But I don’t directly apply toner as the pad I use for applying toner can wipe off the essence of my face :3 I don’t wanna waste my essence :3 I think this essence really moisturize my skin and even after using toner and wait for some time, my facial skin still felt sticky and moist. Also my skin felt a bit squishy. But I don’t really like it how the packaging make it hard to pour the essence out of the tube :’) Also the tube itself is rather heavy. I don’t use this essence everyday as I know my facial skin itself already oily and moist. Surely I don’t want to make my face too oily~ I don’t use use this essence when I know I’m going outside because I don’t want to go out with oily face. Also I think it would be weird if my face got moist with the essence and I apply powder/bb cream on in. So I actually never use it when I’m going to use makeup or going out. However, it’s all depending on the skin type. If your facial skin is really dry, there’s no problem on using it after every cleansing. Despite I think it is okay too if you use it before makeup though, I’ve ever saw a Korean makeup tutorial and the girl use all of her skin care product before applying her makeup. So it’s all about how you want it to be (to use or not to use it).



  • Give so much moisture! Really!
  • Cool feeling
  • A bit squishy feel on the skin after use


  • Really hard to get the essence out of the tube
  • Heavy tube
  • I don’t think it is good to bring it when travelling because it’s heavy and made of some kind of matte glass thingy.

note: no comment on tightening and lifting function of the product because i don’t feel like my skin is loose already :’3 So I can’t really identify any changes regarding tightening and lifting of facial skin. Yet it does make my facial skin felt a bit squishy and it is likely to happens because of the moisture.


I rate this product: 3.5/5. :3 In my opinion, this product is not suitable for those with rather normal or oily skin because this product really give a lot of moisture. For dry skin, I recommend to use this essence :3 sorry if my review is a bit weird… thanks for reading and stay awesome~ x


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