Review! Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream {Etude House}

Hello :3 This time I’ll be reviewing another cute product :3

what is it?

This is a cleansing cream product which is formulated with baking powder and is used to remove makeup as well as clean off your skin from dirt :3 It is said that the cream will penetrate into the pores and absorb oil and residues~

This cleansing cream name is Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream from Etude House.

And Here is the product:

IMG_1768IMG_1769//i don’t know why but i like the packaging as its color (light blue) is cute and it gives off a compact feeling even though it is rather big//


//this is how the inside looks like. It’s like a whtie compact cream and i like how it looks so clean and smooth ;u;//

Direction (as stated in the product):

Use hands to dispense cream

  1. Apply cream to dry facial surface
  2. Massage until makeup is dissolved
  3. Wipe off face with facial pad/tissue
  4. Wash with cleansing foam and water

what did i do?

The first time I tried this cream to clean my makeup, I’m a bit confused on how could the cream should be wiped off with pad first before i have to rinse it with cleansing foam/water. But then i realized it works like a usual makeup remover (with cream texture). When I tried to directly rinse the cream with water, the cream is difficult to be rinsed off.

This is the amount I used for my face:


Then just as what the product ask me to do, I wiped off the cream off my face with facial pad before i rinse my face. And this is how the pad looks like:

IMG_1772//sorry if the lighting is not really good and if maybe the cream looks kinda disgusting ;u;//

The cream on the pad actually have a bit of cream color and i assume that is the compact powder i used that dissolved within the cleansing cream. Also there are dirt if you look closely.

After I’m done with all of the cleansing routine, i can’t really conclude if it cleanse my pores because surely i can’t ensure of that fact accurately. However, indeed i felt like my facial skin is clean and when i looked at my pores they aren’t so visible and they aren’t dirty (dirty as in how it would look like when you just finished doing something tiring outside your house and your face had been covered by dirt and oil and sweat :’3 lol)



  • Clean dirty pores! It take off dirt/residue from facial skin
  • Dissolve makeup well
  • Clean feeling after use
  • smells okay
  • (Cute creamy texture that feels satisfying :’3)


  • Big container so it would be difficult to bring when travelling
  • May let you waste facial pads/tissues. (But mostly pads because i think facial tissue is still to rough for facial skin :/)
  • A bit complicated since you have to wipe it off with facial pad/tissue before you go on with cleansing foam and water
  • (if directly rinsed with water, the cream would be difficult to rinsed off)

note: product only last for 12 months after opening.


For this product, i will rate it 3.5/5! :3 Since it is really good but for me i’m not really happy to deal with wiping the cream off with facial pads everytime.. however i like this product and i’m still motivated to use this product everyday!

thank you for reading my review even if maybe i can’t provide the best review. hope this review can give any help needed! (:



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