Mask Review! Beyond The Real: Green Tea 그린티 {Beyond}



For today I’m going to review a mask! Probably it’s weird to review a mask, but still I’d like to do it :3 so let me just do it.


This is a mask named Beyond The Real: Green Tea 그린티 from Beyond.

Green tea is rich in vitamins and amino acids. Those good things will get absorbed by your skin and moisturize your skin! :3

The price of this mask is about USD$2

Direction (as stated in the packaging):

  1. Wash face
  2. Apply toner
  3. Put mask onto face (adjust! :D)
  4. Wait for 10-12 minutes
  5. Put off mask and pat skin lightly to let the remaining liquid to absorb



  • Actually soothe and hydrate your skin
  • Don’t really give sticky feeling after use :3
  • Fresh looking skin after use


  • Little amount of liquid. When it’s approaching 15 minutes, the liquid is not really available anymore (rather dry).
  • Mask can’t be stretched to shape our face
  • Rather small and difficult to attach perfectly on face (create bubble/not attach on some area).


I rate this product for 2/5

Sorry if my opinion is not the same with you, but I do think this mask is not really worth it. However, still it’s not super bad afterall. Thank you for reading my mask review and I hope I can help you out ^^



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