Review! Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub {Innisfree}


Today I’m going to do a review of another Innisfree product that I bought from Singapore a little while ago! :3

what is it?

This jelly scrub says that it will give clear-jelly like skin as it exfoliate dead skin and provide wine extract for skin :3 By having itself made from wine extract from France, it can also get our face skin some hydrating moisture! This product name is Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub by Innisfree.

Here is how it looks like:


//the container has a dark violet transcluent body and recycled paper for its label//

Inside//The inside is actually has a legit jelly texture and has a pink-ish violet color with dots of scrub!//

//sorry for excessive light :”//

Direction(as stated on the container):

Use after cleansing and before wiping off water from skin

  1. apply an appropriate amount
  2. massage
  3. rinse off with lukewarm water


When I apply this jelly scrub on my face it actually stick on my face. The I spread it around my face and massage my skin. It really felt good as I can feel the scrub! You know, when you can feel the scrub there is this satisfying feeling of having your dead skin exfoliated~ When I rinse the product off with water, my skin felt like a super soft squishy jelly! I’m a bit amazed of how my skin can felt that way though, but I’m glad the scrub did that to my skin. Also even though the scrub can be felt, they aren’t too tough and they won’t break your skin.



  • Soft jelly-like skin after use!!
  • Squishy skin
  • good smell
  • cute texture and packaging~


  • No negative side so far. However, probably the product may not last really long but it’s just how it should be. (imagine jellies that could last for 5 years.. scary)


I rate this product for 4.5/5!!

I really really like this product as it give me what it promised :3 However I don’t want to be biased by giving a 5/5 rate. Also, this is my opinion. So even though it may be perfect for me, it may not be the same with others. Yet I still recommend this lovable product a lot! :3

I also has my own favorite scrub from The Saem, but it’s currently out of stock in my house right now. But I’ve found this wine scrub and this can subtitute my previous scrub for a while. (or maybe for forever~!)

Thank you for reading my review and I hope this can help those who need it! bye :3



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