Review! Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm {Innisfree}

Hello there! for my first entry (beside the introduction) i will be reviewing about a product for removing black heads!

What is it?

The product name is Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm from Innisfree and I got this balm when I went to Singapore last time. This Jeju Volcanic balm absorbs sebum and oil by dissolving them and removing them from your skin.

This is how it looks like:


the packaging

//the packaging is made up of recycled paper and it is written at the bottom part of the box that soy ink was used for the box! :3 this box is really eco friendly~//

IMG_1750    IMG_1751


//The balm has a white matte color that feels like an oily usual balm when you touch it. The smell is not weird and it is pretty good actually.//

Direction (as stated on the box):

Use this balm before cleansing

  1. Apply an appropriate amount onto where blackheads are concentrated.
  2. Use fingertips to massage for 3~5 minutes
  3. Use cleansing foam/lukewarm water to rinse off

what DID I DO?

After I returned from Singapore, surely I got “dirty” face skin and I really excited to try on some new products as the result may appear more when my face hasn’t got some touch up from beauty products~ So before I used this balm actually I already washed my face with cleasing cream and cleansing foam as well as peeling scrub. But as the product said that it should be used before cleansing, I waited for some a few hours before I tried on the product.

Actually when I used the volcanic balm I honestly did not see anything coming! Even if i also used like a massaging glove for fingers for removing blackheads! So I don’t really know how to react at first. I massaged my nose area within the time range that is recommended by the product but I didn’t see clear result. I know my blackheads aren’t so many and it’s hard to judge this product just based on my experience. But I know there is an exact place where there are blackheads and when I tried to focus on that area, nothing happened.

However, indeed when I rinse the balm off my nose area, I can extract the blackheads out with my black head extrator much easier!



  • Good eco packaging
  • Smells good
  • Make it easier to extract blackheads with extractor
  • Smooth skin after using balm


  • Don’t really dissolve blackheads
  • 3~5 minutes of massaging is enough to turn skin into red colour.


Overall, I rate this product 3/5.

Because even though it doesn’t clearly dissolve the blackehads, it does smoothen the skin and make blackheads easier to extract.

Thank you for reading my review! please continue to look after my posts~



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